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Dental Implants

Castro Valley implant dentist | dental implants, replace missing teeth | Mark S. Murphy DDS
As dental providers we do everything that we can to avoid tooth loss, but if it happens, know that you have options. For many patients, the best option is one or more dental implants, depending on how many teeth need replacement. An implant provides more chewing surface, reduces bone loss, preserves adjacent teeth, and completes your smile. Dr. Mark Murphy has extensive experience in implant placement and restoration and can help you with all of your implant needs.

Castro Valley implant dentist | dental implants, replace missing teeth | Mark S. Murphy DDS
Implants are often preferred over bridges because implants allow normal flossing and don’t affect the adjacent teeth. Unlike a removable appliance, such as a partial denture or stayplate, implants are permanently fixed in place. The implant fixture is made of titanium and fixed into the bone, preventing movement and providing stability for chewing forces. After implant placement, the bone requires about 3 months of healing before the restoration can be placed. Once the bone has healed, another titanium component, called the abutment, attaches to the implant and a porcelain crown sits on top of the abutment.

Implants are custom-made to perfectly fit into the available space and seamlessly blend into your smile. Implants are the most natural feeling restorative option for missing teeth and many patients don’t even feel the difference between their natural teeth and implants.

Our office also offers implant supported options for patients with partial and complete dentures who would like more retention. Your new partial or complete denture would still be removable, but snaps into place using implants, thus preventing your denture from sliding around in your mouth.